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Lewis Jones

Who better than property to show Julie and around good oh you  must be Julian unless you’re Francis property yeah welcome to your primate come on  here

We’re all familiar with domestic heat pumps the installation and maintaining of these as part of your  pros business but their main business Julian is going to see how.

The heating ventilation and air  conditioning systems are being manufactured and installed by air pro  for the refurbishment of the Auckland.

University’s medical school and like any  large project at all starts on the drawing board where draftsman Richard translates the building’s drawings into  plant and equipment installation designs.

What happens after this process or stage so half of this we pick we pick up and  out and then we give it to the factory and they were branded for the mission and fabricate.

This beautiful yeah before Julian heads to the factory floor  he needs a health and safety briefing and the right gear gonna need is things such as ear plugs gloves safety bits of course.

Julian’s task will be to make some ducting for the medical  school it’s all manufactured to order at ear pro’s factory to the specifications drawn up by Richard this is the galvanized iron.

that we were folding now to make the ducting for the medical  school ducting is used to take air from A to B and the ducting is made from sheet metal thus killers getting it