The Advantages of Associates in Family Medicine.

Stacey George
associates in family care

A great family medical care facility can cover the majority of your family’s medical needs, at any stage of their lives. Consequently, it is vital to select the right family care network for the full family. It is one of the best ways of ensuring that your entire family is safe and healthy. Fort Collin’s Associates in Family Medicine (AFM) can be the practice that stays with you and your family through all stages of development.

Their team of associates in family care will supply your healthcare and assist you with your health issues promises to strive to provide you with the very best care possible. The physicians are devoted to your wellbeing and wellness and supply the maximum quality medical care with the one-on-one personal attention that you require.

AFM has a variety of locations in and around Fort Collins, each with a dedicated team of practitioners to meet your family’s medical needs. They accept a wide range of medical insurance plans, including Medicare and Colorado’s Medicaid plans.  They don’t want you to be surprised by pricing, so they have a downloadable pdf outlining pricing policies.

Associates in Family Medicine wants to be the trusted doctor you seek out when you are ill but also wants to be your partner in keeping you and your family healthy. The associates within the family care network seek to build relationships with each client, getting to know them as individuals. In this way, your family members can be assured that they are being treated as a whole human being, instead of just a list of symptoms. This holistic approach ensures that treatment plans are developed with the individual and the family in mind.

AFM has wellness plans for families at every stage of life, from obstetrics and gynecology, through adult wellness and disease management, to senior care.  This means that every family member can rely on a consistent level of care throughout their life.

Each facility offers comprehensive wellness plans for adults, including acupuncture and sports medicine, as well as the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. We also offer complete geriatric medical services and can help transition aging family members into assisted living or skilled nursing facilities when the time comes. If there is need of a specialist service outside of the family care network, referrals to appropriate service providers can be given.